A Full Jesus

I know the title might confuse you  If there's a full Jesus, does that mean there's a half too?  The truth is, sometimes we act like there is  We act like what hung on The Cross was only a piece.  We forget that on The Cross was Heaven's Glory, The King of Glory Himself, died … Continue reading A Full Jesus

Burn My Bush

There's something I really like about Daddy God--okay there are a lot of things--but still...there's this thing He does when He wants you. He actually woos you and chases you. He knows what attracts you and He does it just so you can come to Him. 'Moses was shepherding the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, … Continue reading Burn My Bush

Mind Matters

  Hi everyone! It’s Tolu Karunwi here. OMG, I’m shy guys like legit I tell Lolade all the time and I don’t know if she understands it fully yet, but I am truly a HUGE fan of this platform she’s created. I use it to edify myself when I’m feeling lost, I’ve used it in … Continue reading Mind Matters

We Need More Wine!

Okay I have to confess: I stole this title from Gabrielle Union's book. Lol. Quick back story: my friend shared this book with me and immediately I saw the title I was super-excited and I was like, 'Omdz! Gabrielle Union wrote a book about Jesus?!' And my friend goes like. 'Ummm...Lolade No. She wrote a … Continue reading We Need More Wine!

Fix My Focus

Try it. Just pick any item in the room you're in now (preferably if its elevated- like a chandelier). And focus. Just stare at it and stare at it. Then stare at it some more. What happens to everything else in your side view? They blur out and start fading. This is literally what happens … Continue reading Fix My Focus

Fiery Heart

There's this amazing student fellowship I attend every Friday at Warwick Uni. It's hosted by a sweet American couple who are full time missionaries here. So on one of those cold Friday nights, I rushed in their living room and sat right in front of the fireplace. The fireplace. My favourite place in their house. … Continue reading Fiery Heart

Hide and Seek

I don't know anyone who hasn't heard of this game. We've all at least tried playing this game as children. Just for those who don't know the game (and I hope this set of people don't exist. lol), it basically involves one person hiding and the other person seeking the hidden person. I personally loved this … Continue reading Hide and Seek